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Virtually every type of light fixture can benefit from the retrofitting or the installation of LED light sources. No matter which type of fixture you have whether its HID which includes metal halide or high pressure sodium most commonly used in outdoor and lighting large areas, T-12 & T-8 Florescent tubes such as those found in commercial offices, or the standard incandescent or halogen fixtures. The good news is you can reduce your electric bill up to 80% when you install LED’s.

We are not a manufacture representative tied to just one brand. That allows us to choose the best LED solution available to meet your lighting requirements.

A single product line can not do everything perfectly. We only offer best of brand products, several that are made in the USA.  They all feature manufacture warranties between 5 & 10 years, qualify for utility rebates, will reduce your energy consumption up to 80%, and can be purchased & installed for NO COST.  The first step is to have a conversation to find out if a LED upgrade is right for your operation. Give us a call today at (212) 537-5788 or submit a request to receive your full facility lighting audit, and we’ll tell you just how much of your hard earned money your wasting.