Welcome To Retrofit and Relamp with LEDs.com

Retrofit and Relamp with LEDs Inc. is one of the largest LED lighting installers in the New York City metropolitan area. As a Con Edison Green Team market partner we assist clients in all industries with reducing their facilities or businesses lighting expenses which increases their monthly cash flow & positively affects theirs profits and we do this by retrofitting or upgrading their lighting to new highly energy efficient LED Lights.

Our process is simple, quick, and easy. We perform a complementary lighting energy use audit of your lighting system and then generate a report that details how much it costs to operated your lights, how much money you may expect to save when you upgrade to LEDs, and how much your existing system will cost you the longer you wait to perform the retrofit.

Due to our exclusive partnerships with special leasing companies we can usually upgrade an entire facilities lighting system for no cost and show positive cash flow from day one!

Contact us today at (212) 537-5788 if you want more information about our process or click on the button in the side bar to request a complementary lighting energy use audit of your operation today! We’ll take the time to answer all your questions and walk you thru our process. Remember the longer you wait to upgrade, the more money your existing lights cost you…

  • Benefits of LEDs:
    Save up to 80% on your electric bill
    LEDs have life spans of up to 100,000 hours!
    LEDs produce a brighter longer lasting, whiter light that operates at cooler temperatures, up to 60F cooler.
    We offer equipment leases that allow for no money out of pocket for our installations. Our installations are FREE.
  • Fixture Types & Savings
    T-12 & T-8 Fluorescents
    Incandescent & Halogen
  • How No Cost LEDs Work:
    No Budget, No Problem: LEDs Generate a 50-80% savings in your energy cost which allows them to pay for themselves...